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The Last desperate Throw of the Dice

Kasper Seidl survived the results of the latest attempt to get supplies into Kline Hoysee. The barge that had attempted to get much needed food to his troops was now sinking below the waters of the river. Turning he addressed his staff instruct the brigade officers we will attempt to breakout as ordered at first light tomorrow. The began to walk back to his HQ there was still much to be done.

It was a desperate attempt but since the Hoyseeain troops had seized the headland over the riverine port he had known only one route of escape existed. He must drive Grand Duke Mikel from the ridge overlooking the town and gain manoeuvre room then his better troops could gain the advantage.

Morning dawned on a shambles. The divisions reservist regiment had got lost and blocked the maze of lanes that crossed the confused mess of market gardens which surrounded the town. As a result only a regiment of dragoons held the start line of his main assault. As the sunrise over the eastern horizon the guns of the division opened fire. He just hoped General-Major Mayer with the dragoons would wait until he arrived with the rest of the troops.

Mayer however saw an opportunity as troops form Hoysee seemed to be caught off-guard perhaps a single regiment used aggressively could overrun the initial positions and set the seeds for a great victory. Rising in his saddle and waving his hat he ordered the charge! Galloping forward it looked as if he would succeed. Then just as he rode into the battery of guns the infantry arrived and in a fusillade of musketry emptied the saddles of changing horsemen. The dragoons melted away.

On the Hoysee left a annoying long range artillery fire and the evidence that Kellerite troops had occupied a small hamlet at the foot of the ridge prompted Frieherr von Thierse to order an advance. Seeing this the right-wing fresh from driving the dragoons from the field also advance occupying a small rise on their right.

The Keller jäger in the village held on driving both infantry regiments back with losses. Artillery fire added to the losses so von Thierse ordered a withdrawal back in to the original position. On the right now isolated the Reserve Brigade of Szilagyi remained pouring fire into the exposed Keller centre.

It was 3 and a half hours before Seidl finally arrived with the main body and ordered an assault on the hoysee right if only to relive the centre. It was a disaster with the Dukes Guards holding out against the fierce assault and decimating the Keller 4th Regiment. After some five hours of fighting the Keller troops fell back. With half of the Keller army in captivity the Bishops war was over.

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