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The Invasion of Canada

Since the war with the south had blocked access to the Gulf of Mexico the cities along the Mississippi and Ohio rivers had been pressurizing congress to open access to the sea via the Great Lakes. one of the major obstacles was the Niagara Falls. While plans to build a canal around that obstacle on the Federal states side of the river were technically feasible, the obvious route lay on the Canadian side of the falls. However distrust between Britannica and the federal states were at an all time low. So with little prospect of a joint venue a military solution was sought.

A complete conquest of Canada was obviously out of the question but a plan to occupy the peninsular between Hamilton and St. Catharines was seen as do able. A second invasion from Detroit would advance and join up with the major invasion at London. A force of mainly state militia with regular artillery and cavalry crossed the Niagara river on 6th February 1860.

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