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The Americas

On January 13, 1795, Congress considered and passed a proposal, to print the federal laws in German as well as English. This started a trend towards a greater affiliation with the peoples of Germanica and a steady adoption of Germanic culture. At the same time the far more conservative and 'English' south became more and more distanced from the common identity of the republic. The final break came in 1850 over the failure of the so-called Missouri Compromise. The short bloody war of succession resolved nothing. Maryland, Kentucky and Missouri joined the South. Deleware, a slave owning state which lacked a land border with the main group of southern states also joined but was re-annexed joining the war. The Northern Federal States also lost Washington DC which became the Confederate States' capital. The Northern Capital returned to it original home in Philadelphia. The impact of the beak-up of the united states on the west was profound. Kansas became a weeping sore with both sides claiming the territory and funding insurrection in counties loyal to the opposition. This continuing bush war effectively stopped effective expansion west-wards.

Bundesländer Amerika

Following the 1850 War the north became more Germanic. Adopting may german words into everyday usage. Exemplified by use of the 'von' honorific in place of Mr., particularly amongst wealthy and military circles. The strong industrial base developed a pace. However alone with its animosity to the south tensions with the Britannic Empire to the north over control of the great lakes developed. Deprived of free access to the Gulf of Mexico via the Mississippi, the cities and burgeoning industries of the old west turned north to the southern shores of the great lakes. However access to the sea could not be guaranteed causing an increasing tension. This antipathy attracted the displaced Irish who gained a sponsor for Irish Home rule.

Confederate States of America

Similarly the south became a caricature of english-ness, while still maintaining its slave economy. Far more rural than the north the CSA developed close trade links with European states, mainly non-germanic, relying on foreign manufacturing both for civilian and military needs.

The Western Union

California initially rejected for statehood and then courted by both sides instead formed an ad-hoc union with the territories of New Mexico, a fellow Hispanic region and Utah with its dissident Christian sects, with the territory of Oregon later joining. The Western Union was more a treaty between sovereign states than a formal bond, mainly concerned with inter-territorial law enforcement and trade, leaving the territories to largely manage there own affairs as they wished.

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