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Batavan Republic

To describe the Break up of this political monstrosity as a slow burn would be an understatement. Formed in the late medieval period from disparate small Counts and Baronies who's only apparent point of agreement was a distrust of any one else. Originally the power plays of the Empire and Francesca provided the cement to hold together the constantly bickering minor states, later Britannic/Hanoveria also interfered. The withdrawal of the Empire and the distraction of Franciscan interest southward began the slow disintegration. Particularly as the Britannic objective was to deny others gaining the strategic ports on the coast opposite Britain rather than direct control.

The mid 19th century therefore saw a slow loosening of ties rather than a total dissolution of the Republic. That is not to say the process was not without bloodshed, but that each crisis was soon over as the main players were continuously distracted by other events both in Germanica and for Britannic and Francesca around the world. One such short lived but bloody episode was the blockade of Antwerp and the intervention of the Britannic Navy.

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