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Border Clash at Hooks Farm

(from the Charleston Chronicle)

Since the 2nd War of Independence Bundesländer Amerika has been agitating local communities along the border of Central Virginia to defect. This has been exasperated by the development of coal mining in the area as immigrants have flooded in to meet the demand for workers. These lower class workers while taking the jobs of our poor and needy are now demanding to join the Bundesländer! Fortunately State Militia forces sent by Richmond to quell any uprising have recently arrived under the command of Colonel R. Lee.

To reinforce the protests of the interfering Bundesländer their forces yesterday invaded our sacred lands near Dry Ridge at Hook's Farm. With several regiments of Pennsylvanian Militia supported by artillery and cavalry crossed the border. Our brave Colonel with marched out to met them and engaged in a bitter fight to throw the invaders out, launching a number of attacks on the farm building held by the blue bellied invaders.

Loses were heavy but after suffering a worsting the invader withdrew last night. Today no living enemy is reported on the soil of our state save those captured in the engagement. It has been reported in the Richmond Gazette that the Bundesländer ambassador has been summoned to explain the actions of the Pennsylvanian Militia and is expected to give undertakings that no repeat of the offense will occur.

Meanwhile causalities of engagement are arriving at Wheeling and other towns.

(from the Pittsburgh Reporter)

Yet again reports reach our ears of the mistreatment and pleas for aid from the poor oppressed miners of Virginia. General von Banks commanding our loyal militia yesterday moved up to the border occupying Hook's farm as a show of strength to supporting a miner's rally in Wheeling.

It has been reported as typical of the southern slave owning oligarchy our loyal militia were attacked in their encampment. Fighting of a number grey clad waves of infantry our boys in blue held on to the farm buildings. As the day drew to a close and the grey infantry massing our gallant cavalry were throw in to disperse them. The charge smashed into the enemy as they attempted to outflank our brave garrison of Hook's Farm dispersing them. The pursuit lead our mounted titans into a hail of artillery fire as the attempted to capture the guns. The charge ended the day apart from a final weak assault on the farm which was thrown back.

General von Banks assessing his mission was accomplished withdrew that evening back to Pittsburgh. It is our fervent wish that our ambassador in Richmond will call upon the current holders of office in that place and demand a reckoning for our blood and recognition of the demands for the miners of central Virginia.

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