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The Region of Hoysee

The region of southern Germania is generally known as Hoysee. The region is cut into three unequal parts by rivers. Running west to east is the Grand River, which flows across most or the breath of Europa. To the north of the Grand River in this region lies Keller. A major tributary of the Grand River is the River Hoy. The river Hoy runs south-north into the Grand River at Kliene Hoysee forming a 'T' which bisects the region of Hoysee. The western bank of the Hoy is traditionally seen as belonging to Flamboyance, while the east is the state of Hoysee itself. The source of the river Hoy is the Hoy lake which partially blocks the only practical route through the Great Mountains south to Italia. The land route alongside the lake is controlled by the city of Nordsbocco. The Region is well watered with a mix of arable and wooded areas. Flamboyance has the best farm land and is famous for its vineyards while Hoysee has a generally more rugged terrain and relies on its mineral wealth. Keller's wealth comes from its control of the Grand River traffic.

The History of the Region: A number of wars between the four local states has punctuated those fought between the greater powers. Principally The River War in 1314 which saw the attempted independence of Kliene Hoysee and the subsequent power struggle between Bishopric of Keller,Marques of Flamboyance and Landsgraf of Hoysee to dominate the river port. The Kliene-Hoysee War in 1714 were again conflict erupted over control of the river port. While 1859 saw the Opera War between Flamboyance and Nordsbocco spreading. Other conflicts and border clashes also take place, largely as a result of “what shall we play next week?”. the clash between The Britannic Empire and Keller was one such example.

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