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Wargaming Rules

There are a number of rules I use in the campaigns of Terra Fere. The basic set is Neil Thomas' 19th Century Rules which the armies in the Army section are defined with. I also use Furia Francesca and others.

Niel's rules are quite simple but I have a couple of issues with them. Firstly the 'weird' Charge sequence which breaks the simplicity of the central rules. the second issue is melee, which massively favors the attacker. To fix these issues I have produced my own house-rules and will in time publish them (unless I ditch the rules for another set!!).

The rules above are mainly for the battlefield so I needed a set of campaign rules. While the battles may or may not be fought solo, the campaign is a product of my own fevered imagination. To that end I have produced a hotch-potch of rules mainly so I can keep track of them. You can find them here.

I have used a new set of rules for the latest couple of games 'Balance of Power'. They play well and I recommend a look at them. They are really designed as a multiplayer set, having complex order changes but no orders! I contacted the author who explained the idea was to 'justify' your actions rather than impose any artificial restrictions on a player. We decided to simply ditch the orders. The game still played well.

Spring 2016

Things move on and we have moved via 'Shako to Coalscuttle' to 'Field of Battle 2'. The first set are very interesting, particularly the command rules. However after playing a couple of games Andy and I decided that apart from the command they provided little different from other sets. That said if you are looking for a new set they are pretty good.

We seem to be settling of 'Field of Battle 2'. The randomness is what we like which I appreciate is not for everyone. I believe that warfare is chaos and most wargamers are uncomfortable with that lack of control citing “Its a game after all”. As a result many wargame rules give players far too much control over their troops both in composition and command control. FOB2 neatly avoids that. The role of the commander is to ride with the flow and keep the army and battleplan (yes you can have a plan, just read Moltke first) on an even keel as the game evolves. Another advantage for me is its quite easy to play solo as the cards govern what happens next not you. I can have a general plan for each side while the cards provide enough of a random factor that I do not need special solo rules.

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