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Terra Normalis

It has been a while since this site was last updated. Not because I have lost interest but that other stuff has intervened. On the wargaming front I have been doing other stuff. Painting playing Basic Impetus 2 as well as games set in our world. This section has been created to show case these activates.

Firstly Painting

Since Christmas 2016. I have painted a 10mm Classical Indian army for BI2. I have quite a few Successor troops in 10mm and looking at the BI2 lists saw two Indian armies in the same category. I ordered them from Pendraken just 3 days before Christmas expecting them to arrive sometime in the new year. They arrived on Christams Eve!! That threw my painting plans into chaos as I already had figure under-coated ready to paint during the holidays and I now NEEDED to paint the new Indians. So I did. Indians

After they had been done I started to do the original Christmas plan painting a brigade each of 1877 Russians and Turks. Caliphate and Muscovy as they are known in Terra Fere. I will post some pictures soon.

Secondly Terra Normalis Battles

The Indians have been out against the Successors and great fun they are lots of bow, really bad melee infantry and Abysmal Cavalry but Elephants and Chariots! Thy did well but narrowly lost to a Seleucid army.

Russians Turkish

Next was the Russo-Turks. Last Tuesday Andy and I played a game (well two really) re-fighting the first day at Plenva. Andy as the Turk was defending my new big hill I bought at Vapnartak. He won the first as my infantry melted away in front of his guns. The second game went to me as I managed to smash his left flank and then centre.

The curse of Amazon

A couple of weeks ago Amazon sent me an email advertising a number of Military History Titles quite cheaply some only 99p. One of the more expensive titles £2+ was 'Radetzky's March' about 1848 in Northern Italy. I think this is a great wargamers history book. It has lots of detail about the forces involved and losses in any number of engagements from tiny skirmishes to the major battles. This is a great opportunity to field my insurrectionists along side my Italians vs the Austrians. Due to the real world intervening in our normal schedule we are playing again next week. Its going to be big .. very big. I will post some pictures.

After that maybe some Terra Fere.

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