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Rylands Hey Notes

You may have noticed there has been quite a gap in the ongoing saga of Terre Ferra. Since the battle of Kleine Hoysee changes in the real world have put a bit of a brake on the story and I'm going to blame it all on my mate Andy! He can now no longer visit my house for a long days wargaming as he has acquired a dog. In stead I occasionally go around to his but its difficult to carry all my stuff. there was however the hanging encounter to see if Hoysee could get to Kleine Hoysee in time to eject the Kellerites.

This has started my in looking at reinventing Terra Fere as a solo campaign. One of the rules I was considering to use was Tin Soldiers in Action. as Andy wanted to try them out I decided to kill two birds with one stone and play the final battle in the first chapter of the Bishops War before resetting the whole game again as a solo campaign.

The rules for TSiA are a gridded system which I hope will reduce the workload of playing solo also its activation system is sufficiently random to facilite a solo game and at least reduce any bias in the game. I used my variation on Neil Thomas’s One Hour Wargames to generate the scenario which was Late Arrivals. The game was great fun with the Hoysee forces struggling with Poor Command and the Kellerites with the short ranges Needle Gun (A House rule). With Hoysee finally capturing the village on the very last turn.

So what now? I am still looking at which Tabletop rules to use while TsiA is currently favoured I have also looked at The portable wargame system as a possible alternative. As for the actual campaign I am looking into using Mythic a RPG system which does not need a Game/Dungeon master. The idea there is to run the major characters as a sort of adventure with the Mythic ‘Fate Table’ generating the unexpected aspects of a decent campaign.

As all this will undoubted take some setting up I expect a month or two to pass before the next chapter of the History of Terra Fere will materialise.

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