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Historic Models

The main protagonists in Terra Fere appear because I have the armies or are willing to paint them. I wanted each nations army to map directly to my collection, with the possibility of the whole national army appearing on table, so the countries needed to be smaller that the historic equivalents. With that said here are the notional Terra Normlis equivalents.

Hoysee is Austrian and occupies the approximate position of Bavaria in Terra Normalis.

Flamboyance is France and occupies the approximate position of Wurttemburg and Baden in Terra Normalis.

Nordsbocco is Piedmont. The Nordsbocco dissident Figgibicci is modeled very loosely on Garibaldi.

Keller is Prussia with Bavarians as landwehr. One of the differences in Terra Fere is no Prussia. There is no room for a powerful kingdom to develop. So while Prussia might exist it is firmly in the minor Germanic states category. My Prussian army is small, but growing now 3 Brigades strong, so the Bavarians were needed to boost the numbers. Perhaps as the Prussian army grows the Bavaria might one day appear as an independent state, but not where Bavaria is, in Terra Normilis as Hoysee is there!

Britannic Empire is late 19th Century Britain. It is of course mainly fantasy, however a number of books written during the later quarter of the nineteenth century arguing for a bigger/better army/navy (whatever the particular beef the aurhor had) to demonstrate why these books arrayed the British against each and every foreign power. I produced this army to play some of the scenarios suggested by those books.

King/Emperor Ernest is a real historical figure. He was Victoria's cousin and as she was unable to inherit the Hanoverian crown, being a woman, he was crowned Ernest the first of Hanover. His son George distinguished himself during the 1866 war.

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