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The Koln Incident

The Situation: CHANCELLOR'S OFFICE KELLER: Chancellor Otto leaned back and smiled. He had wanted to test his new army for awhile but needed the proper opportunity. Now here it was, nothing too difficult but enough to test the mobilisation and how the high command could handle itself. Pity that a test of its new breech-loading rifles and artillery would have to wait but beggars cannot be choosers.

Ever since the Great War Koln had been a hotbed of republican trouble. The Old Count had accepted a stipend for staying out of the county. The old fool was now dead and the new count was not so amenable. Otto reread the missive from his ambassador. The new Count wanted Keller's aid, anybody's aid actually, to regain his lands. And Otto was happy to oblige. With Flamboyance and Hoysee at each others throats to the south everyone would be too distracted to intervene before it was too late and Keller had occupied the County of Koln in it's new count's name. Of course the young fool would find it difficult to get rid of his new friends once they were in occupation! Smiling he summoned his secretary to start drafting orders.

THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT-COUNCILLOR TO HIS BRITTANIC MAJESTY of HANOVIA. President-councillor of Hanovia, von Simeon greeted his visitor the minister for Koln, “Welcome” he smiled. The representative of the Koln republic took the seat offered. “Has an answer from London arrived?” He asked. Von Simeon took his seat and placed his hands as if in pray. “Yes but we have some conditions to meet first my friend.” He smiled “Nothing too difficult but you must understand we cannot just occupy your country without some other international involvement. We could be accused of invading and that would never do.”

The well dressed minister sank into his seat. “But who? Flamboyance and Hoysee are to busy and I cannot see anyone else taking our side!” The man looked depressed. With a flourish von Simeon spun the paper on his desk enabling the representative of Koln to read it. “If you sign this document we can take care of that. A contingent of republican minded friends will come to your aid over this minor disagreement with the young Count. Supported of course by ourselves as disinterested but concerned onlookers.” The minister read the document. “So we hire these Nordsbocco rebels of Figgibicci and you come as well? It's rather a lot of money.” “No more than the stipend you are already paying and you won't have to meet that outlay after this is over” von Simeon assured him.

Reluctantly and with a fair bit of figurative arm twisting eventually it was signed. “So when can we expect the force to arrive?” von Simeon thought for a few moments as the ink dried “Oh few weeks we need to ensure Figgibicci is ready to move before we can start. I should expect by the middle of next month. After all its not like the young Count has anyone he can call on is there? ”

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