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Naval Warfare

Franciscan Flag Ship}Wargaming Terra Ferra has recently lost out to painting. This last few months have seen the start of the Caliphate army (1877 Turkish) and the completion of the Kellerite Army (Now a full Prussian Korps) though more cavalry are needed as the Prussians originally had a lot of Saxons who have now been moved into the Saxon box. In the summer I also bought from Tumbling Dice four starter packs of 19th Century Naval. The two American Civil War riverine and British and French Mid Victorian. At first I wanted to depict the ships as battle ready with furled sails but I am not the best at assembling models and despite TD sending me a trial pack of furled spars free! They proved too fiddly for me as did the jibs but eventually all the ships were completed in full sail and Andy encouraged to have a go (not too difficult it must be said).

The game took about 4 hours but that included Andy learning the rules. We used the same rules as our riverine game but I am slowly morphing them into a composite set which plays in our particular sweet spot of complexity and playability. This period naturally has a great deal of complexity so to reflect that I want a slightly more complex fell to the game than our usual choice. There are some issues. Managing the slow-firing guns is one but we think we have a solution for that. Also during the game we rewrote the boarding rules to make the process last a number of turns as the first attempt saw the Alexandria taken in one go swamped by Franciscan marines! We have not yet tried using sailing ships.

The navies of late 19th century Terra Normilis rarely fought other than single ship actions and one fleet action so Terra Ferra is pretty much a free canvas. I imagine small fleets of 5 or 6 ships being the norm if only for practicality.

Sweeping the Channel

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