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The Bishopric of Keller

The Bishopric Keller lies across the Grand River (Danube) to the North of Hoysee and Flamboyance. The Bishopric has existed since medieval times and its fortunes have varied under its various bishops. With the suppression of powerful landholding families the local minor nobility and the merchant class has developed a more egalitarian society than most other states, however a tension has developed between the urbanised towns and the more rural hinterland.

Keller is more independent minded and “Germanic” than its two southern rivals. In the late 19th century the Bishop of Keller has become a figurehead with true power laying with the bishops chancellor. The current holder of the office, know as the 'Iron Chancellor', has ambitions to form a unified Germanica free of foreign influence of both Francesca and the Eastern Empire. Meanwhile the bishop dreams of becoming a Archbishop perhaps supreme head of the church.

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