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The Britannic Empire

The Britannic Empire is centered in the islands of the north west of Europa. A largely mercantile realm with large dominion overseas the empire would have little interest in the affairs of Europa if not for the complexities of royal dynastic concerns. The current royal family of Britannica are also the Electors of Hanoverian. This connection looked to be lost with the expected coronation of the Princess Vicky, whom as a woman was barred from the crown of Hanoverian. With the young woman's tragic death from TB, and the assumption of the crown fell to Ernest her cousin Hanoverian remained part of the Britannic Empire.

Ernest and his son Ernest II continually interfere in European politics and are particularly concerned about unification. Not wishing to be absorbed into any pan Germanic state they oppose any attempt to integrate. To this end they engineered the acceptance of Hanoverian into to the Britannic Empire as a Dominion allowing Hanoverian merchants access to the Britannic Empire world trade routes and political protection but preserving Hanoverian's internal independence. This means that the Britannic army is sometimes found operating on Europa's mainland.

The Britannic Forces deployed to the continent is largely funded by Hanoverian and therefore somewhat separate from the main Army. It in fact has a relationship not dissimilar the that of the Indian army and as such attracts some of Britannic's more adventurous officers and men. This does not however guarantee the quality of the men involved. As a Gemanian state with foreign interests Hanoverian tends to oppose unification of Gemania as a whole.

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