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Saxo-Polish Kingdom

The Saxo-polish kingdom was founded in the 17th Century when the Elector of Saxony became Augustus II of Poland. The relationship between the two states has not been without its problems but the two have now achieved a form of federal state along with Lithuania. The two halves maintain separate military establishments however both have now largely harmonized their organisation and equipment, now it is mainly uniforms which identify and maintain the nation identities of each regiment.

Apart from the eternal threat from the Principalities of Mosokvy, the main cause for concern is the 'Silisian corridor'. Separating Saxony and Polish territory this area is considered vital for the growth of the twin-states. However the Empire also has ancient claims to the area. This rivalry has caused tensions in the past and could cause conflict in the future. As a Germanic state with foreign interests Saxo-Poland does not favour a unified Gemaina.

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