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The Great War

The decades around 1800 saw a series of conflicts which together are called the Great War. The general cause was the rivalry between Francesca and Ostenreich over Germania. The three way fight between Francesca, Ostenriech and the Ottoman Turks for control of Italia. With The Brittanic Empire's attempting successfully to establish a world-wide naval dominance with which to protect it's trading empire and allow it to flourish while preventing anyone gaining overall control of Germania.

The main results of all this conflict was the ejection of The Turk from mainland Italia by the famous General Bonaparte. The formal removal of influence at the 'Peace of Dresden' of the Great Powers of Francesca and Ostenreich over Gemanica.

Francesca imploded following this peace with the collapse of the Bonaparte Regime with Republicans, Bonapartist and Royalists vying for power. Removing Francesca from the European stage for decades.

Ostenriech also was forced to turn eastwards as the perpetual chaos of Muscovy and a renewed threat from the Ottomans out weighed a re-establishment of 'imperial rights' over Germania.

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