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La Ferme Crochet

We are all I think on a quest for ‘the perfect rules’. I also think that is a never-ending quest, not least as or opinion of what constitutes ‘the prefect rules’ keeps changing. That should not stop us in fact this impossibility should spur us on. To this end I decided to put new rules sets to a scientific test. Basically I have decided to devise and play a standard scenario which gives me a point of comparison.

To that end I have settled on the H G Wells’ Hooks Farm scenario from Little Wars. I have set the game in the Franco-Prussian War, my favourite, With a standard pair of armies 4 infantry, 1 Light Infantry, 1 Cavalry, and 3 Artillery. The 3rd French Artillery being Mitrailleuses.

So this ‘war’ will be a never-ending set of replays under different rules. I will then endeavour to critic each set.

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