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Wargaming the Koln Incident

The whole 'war' consisted of two games one Tuesday afternoon. We used Neil Thomas' One Hour Wargaming' to generate the first scenario, but play tested some serious rules changes to his 19th Century rules set. Andy took the Kellerites and managed to hold on to one of the town/forts.

For those familiar with the rules our main change to the rules was to total reorder the turn sequence. Now players fired in their opponents bound but not their own. we also changed the command roll so if a unit was out of command it could not move.

The second game was another One Hour scenario using our further refined rules, shortening the Needle guns range to less than the rifled musket. I have a automatic system to generate scenarios from the book so creating a new game was the work of moments. This time I took the Kellerites. I won but only just on the second to last turn. This was due to me softening up Andy's Britannic infantry with my skirmishers before committing my attack columns.

The Uhlan capturing the guns was due to Andy rolling a very poor command die at a critical moment. In discussions later over a glass of wine he suggested that if he had tried to defend the bridges the game would have gone differently.

Normally we tend to play big games usually a Corps per side but we both agreed the smaller game generated by the One Hour system gave sufficient challenge and scope to provide several hours of gaming. I recommend the One Hour wargaming book to anyone. Not for the rules, they are too simple for my tastes, but for the 30 scenarios which alone with the 6 random armies produce some 1000+ different games! You just need to redefine the “One Hour” troop types in terms of your favourite rules set.

Our next planned game is to use the same scenario generator but to try Furia Francia rules (a fire and fury variant).

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