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Britannic Empire

Lying of the northwest coast of Europa the empire is ruled by the descendant of a minor North Germanic state which they lost in the Great War at the end of the last century. The current ruler is the aging Emperor Ernest Augustus and his wife Empress Frederica. While mainly concentrating on its large maritime holdings occasionally an expeditionary force is dispatched to the continent. At typical force would be.

Command is Good
Britannic Infantry operate in Good Order.
C in C Lord Byron

Expeditionary ForceLord Byron
Artillery Battery(Smoothbore)
Artillery Battery(Smoothbore)
Light Support Battery(Machine Gun)
Supply Train
Infantry BrigadeCol. Benjamin
4th Battalion Rifle Brigade(Elite, Rifle Musket, Skirmisher)
1st Mercia (Empress Frederica's Own) (Average, Rifled Musket, Loose Order)
2nd Lindsey (Prince Augustus' Own)(Average, Rifled Musket, Loose Order)
3rd Wessex (Duke Cumberland's Own)(Average, Rifled Musket, Loose Order)
4th Thingwall (Loyal Boarder's)(Average, Rifled Musket, Loose Order)
1st Liverpool Highlanders(Elite, Rifled Musket, Loose Order)
2nd Scotti Highlanders (Loyal Scotti)(Elite, Rifled Musket, Loose Order)
Cavalry BrigadeLord Stelitz
1st Lancers (Life Guards)(Elite)
2nd Horse (Emperor's Horse)(Average)

Officers and Gentlemen

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