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The River War Armies

Here are the three armies for DBA. The Flamboyance are based on Feudal French, the Hoysee Medieval Germans and Keller are Low Countries.

Bishop of Keller's ArmyLandsgraf of Hoysee's ArmyCount of Flamboyance's Army
1x3Kn or 4Pk (Gen),1x3Kn (Gen),1x3Kn (Gen),
1x3Kn or 4Pk,1x3Kn,3x3Kn
1x4Cb,2x6Kn,1x3Kn or 3Cv,
1x3Bd or 4Pk,2x3Sp or 4Sp,3x3Sp or 4Sp,
1x3Bd,2x3Ax or 4Sp or 4Pk,2x2Ps,
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