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La Ferme Crochet

Tin Soldier in Action

To be clear I have played this scenario before under these rules. That time it was an ACW setting. As however these are my 'go to' rules at the moment I thought I would start with them as a type of basis.

Tin Soldier in Action does have some issues, mainly I think down to the translation from German to English. So I have developed a number of house rules to resolve these issues. For this experiment however I revered to the original version. I stopped playing on turn 7 once the issue of the farm was resolved with the two French flanks collapsing leaving the farm isolated and at the mercy of to almost fresh battalions.

As expected (there are after all my rules of choice) the activation system is very easy for the solo player. Each 'command' is allocated a card say 4 of Clubs. then whenever the 4 of clubs is drawn that group of units are activated in turn.

The main issues in TSiA is how terrain is handled. Woods for example disorder formed infantry halving their combat die and provide no benefit from being shot at. Buildings do at least provide some protection. The second weird thing s the sighting rules concerning hills. You cannot see across a hill. so you cannot see from D6 to the farm in D4. I think the view is that a hill square is seen as a hilly area rather than a single hill and a group of squares is simple a bigger area of multiple peaks. That said it did take some getting use to. It also made the long ranged weapons much less effective than in a different scenario.

This game I used the recommended figure/strengths for the first time. Prussians at 24 and French at 18 are larger than I normally play. The bigger units do have a subtle effect as the number of combat dice doesn't drop as quickly as my usual 12 and 18 figure/strengths I normally use.

The now very low strength Chasseurs a Pied did not slow down a Prussian attack on the Prussian left but the Jager did a sterling job on the right so having light troops at 1/4 to 1/3 the size of a full strength unit did not seem to effect their impact on the game.


This game did not give any surprises and is mainly included to provide a basis. enabling questions such as “Are light troops better is rule X than TSiA?”. If you have not played Tin Soldiers in Action I like them but do see there are issues in translation and if you dislike some of the rules on terrain for example they are easy to adjust.

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