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Overview of Terra Fere

Welcome to the imaginary world of Terra Fere. The world is a setting for various imaginary wargames using historically based armies. It allows me to fight those conflicts that never took place but …. perhaps could have if the world had been just a bit different. The world centres on the small states of Hoysee and Flamboyance but expands outwards as other opportunities become possible. The overall historical setting is that of our own Terre Normalis but with minor differences in both historical events and geography.

The major geographical difference is the Great Mountains are far more formidable than their Terra Normalis equivalents (Alps) and the only usable passage is via the pass controlled by Nordsbocco.

Contra-factual history is always fraught with 'issues', basically if you change something all the factors effecting everything else changes as well. That said Terra Fere is not an experiment in what-if but a relatively believable setting for my armies. The main changes in Terra Fere is that the Hasburg Empire is further eastward due to the Slavs becoming the inheritors of the Byzantine Empire and becoming a larger political force within the burgeoning Haspburg empire.

The original idea came from a two player campaign I wrote called Hegemony. Which allowed a cycle of battles between three armies until one player wins two in a row. To add a narrative to the first war I invented the three nations of Hoysee, Flamboyance and Keller and created the Kliene-Hoysee War. The rest is as they say history, or at least Terra Fere history.

The world of Terra Fere has since expanded both geographically and in time.

It should be noted that many of the names are bad translations of real local places or jokes (usually bad ones!)

Why does this 'work' exist? I could have just worked out a campaign without doing all the background. Basically most of the effort is for my own enjoyment but its also an act of hubris.I always intended for all or part to end up on the web somewhere. The 'work' has three main threads. Firstly the story of Terra Fere and its history, this is the main thrust and is told fairly straight faced. The events are a mix of imagination and the result of wargames played either solo or against friends.

Secondly is the wargaming aspect. After all the whole reason for Terra Ferra is to play games in. What rules are used and army lists etc. This is for those wargames who might be interested.

Lastly its an explanation my thoughts and how some of the 'history' came about, i.e. the working of my fevered brain. This part is just my hubris, after all who wants to know the background to the background?

To separate the three sections or threads all the wargame aspects are in the category Articles and my musings have the category Authors View.


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