Campaigns Wot I have Wrote

(with due homage to Erenest Wiseman 1925-1999

The Campaign Page is where I have collected my campaign Rules.

I was in the pub with my friend Martin from Vexillia, he mentioned a set of campaign rules we had produced for DBA 2 a good few years ago which he has on his site as a freebee. One of his customers had asked if it was compatible with DBA 3. The answer was almost and the few minor changes did not need a rewrite (they are free after all!).

This got me thinking about the various campaign rules I have written over the years and their fates. I have therefore decided to resurrect them and put them on this site. They are pretty much ‘as is’ but might be amended to later versions of rules or newer rules at sometime in the future, but no promises.

All wargamers, or at least all the ones I have ever met, dream of playing campaigns. Most campaigns however end up as failures. They are too complex or cover too large a span of geography or time. As a group we seem to be unable to limit our ambitions. To play a campaign like we all dream of takes time and patience and as we all have diffing amounts of both they usually flounder on players falling by the wayside. Some of us give up in frustration at ever playing a ‘great’ campaign while others, like me, keep up trying. Overtime I have found a major principle to success is limit the scope of the game. These campagin rules ‘work’ by limiting the time taken to play the whole game and using simple battlefield rules such as DBA or Basic Impetus for the individual battles, which allows for a short ammount of real time each playerr needs to invest.

Many of them also rely on the brilliant mechanism, but sometimes disguised, used in Warhammer map-less campaigns.

While many of the campaigns are reasonable old they are written to be usable without too much messing with almost any table top rules. So if you want to fight the War of the Roses using your thousand 28mm figures using your homebrew set of rules take the 1460 rules and adjust the Noble and Contingent Cards to match your stuff and of you go!

360BC Polis (The Wars of the Greek City States.)

This one was concieved along with Ian Sanderson of the LWA and is sometimes called Polis. It is still occasionally played at the club and at DBA 2.2 plans are to convert to DBA 3.

360BC Cards

Thanks to Ian for letting me have the card file as I had lost mine!

1460 War of the Roses

A DBA campaign of the War of the Roses.

2460CE SIFI Campaign.

Written for Full Thrust. One day I will rewrite this for starmada.

Hegemony Two player Thre way campaign!

Originally conceved as a DBA game I have converted this to a number of different rules sets and periods

Who Would be King? (Rules)

A more complex campaign. There is more 'running the kingdom'. the use of Non-Player-Kingdoms allows for more kingdoms than players in fact it can be solo!

Who Would be King Cards

A set of DBA 2 Medieval Cards for the campaign above.