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The Quick Reference Sheet Page

I play lots of waregames. In fact to be honest I'm a bit of a gadfly when it comes to rules and period. Which means I am always learning new rules. Over the years I have found that the best way for me to learn a new rules set is to write a Quick Reference Sheet for them. It not that the existing QRS is necessarily a bad one but by going through the rules to write a new QRS I READ them. Also as I have not been involved in the Play-testing or design I approach the game from the more general perspective of an uninitiated gamer. This means I sometimes find that ‘missing’ rule which is in the rule book but never got to the QRS as ‘everyone knew that’.

Recently Sam Mustafa has had to close his forum and during that process stripped many of the links from posts, one of them was my QRS for Maurice. A member of the forum contacted me for a copy which set me thinking about the others I have posted over time. So rather than respond to a single individual with a pdf I decided to post them on my site for perusal.

The list below is not exhaustive one, as I come across others I have produced or produce new ones as I flit to a new rules set to ruleset I will post them here on an irregular basis.

WARNING: I do not maintain these on any regular basis. if you find and error then by all means let me know but don't expect a fast response as I will probably have flitted off to another set of rules or period! The date produced is included to show how old they are.

Bloody Big Battle QRS Skirmish Campaigns 2014
IMPETVS QRS Dadi & Piombo Publishing 2011
Longstreet QRS Honor Games 2014
Maurice QRS Honor Games 2012
Neil Thomas 19th Century Wargaming QRS Pen & Sword 2014